Facing the Sun, at Sunrise!

Facing the Sun at sunrise is, to me, the celebration of an unlimited view.  Within this unlimited view is a constant awareness of possibility.  Possibility is always expressing; it is effectively fueled by the heart-felt choices one makes.  

These pages are a celebration -- a celebration of an unlimited view, and a celebration of possibility.  They are also a celebration of heart-direction, a celebration of clarity, a celebration of arrival.  Arrival where?  Laughter.  Laughter where?  Laughter ringing out across planet Earth as more and more humans realize who they truly are -- magical beings caught for a time in limiting concepts, and now emerging.

Celebrating the joyful possibility of evolving consciousness has been my focus for a while. The results of that focus include everything you will discover within this site:

My blog/journal:  Right Here, Right Now

Now is the Time: Songs of Intention and Celebration, Vol. 1 -- CD released June 2011

Golden Pebbles weekly podcast -- March 2011 through February 2012

Golden Pebbles: Celebrating the New Earth -- published March 2011

Sunrise Drumming ceremonies along the coastline of Maine USA -- beginning in 2003

The Goddess and the Rainbow Bridge, part 1 of the Rainbow Bridge Trilogy -- CD narrative 2001 (to be re-released soon)

Journey Through an Open Door -- published 2001, updated edition published July 2010 


May you enjoy your own laughter ringing out among the widening circle of magical beings everywhere.  

                                                      Now is the time!